Pera Hussi
CEO / Producer

Pera does more or less everything, all the time, everywhere. Up in the air, down under and between.
+358 400 539 313

Vesa Rönty
Director, Director of Photography, Photographer

Vesa is the head of our artistic team. Vesa is specialized in digital cinematography
+358 44 536 3171

Teppo Vertomaa

Teppo is the main photographer in Lapland Memories. Very talentend with camera and like a guerilla in the wilderness

P.J. Piippo
Scriptwriter, Director

Piippo is the brain behind all great stories.
+358 40 518 9923



Timo Paulin / 1AC:

Timo Paulin has been doing 1stAC jobs with our Epic team since 2012. Very talented pulling focus.

Kim Saarinen / Edit:

Kim Saarinen has been helping us with editing projects. As a multi-talented person He´s been working also in the fields of Directing and Filming

Laura Martín Gil / Video:

Laura Martín Gil, talented girl from Spain, came here to get used on the Lappish weather and production conditions. She has shown sings of Finnish Sisu and will be with us helping us on set even on hardcore weather.

Lotta Salonen / 1st AC:

Lotta Salonen has been pulling focus with us since 2010. She has been involved in variety of commercials. Lotta is very sharp!

Martin Kucmin / Video:

Martin Kucmin is very talented photo & videographer from Slovakia. Martin has been working for us as a devoted freelancer from 2006. Martin’s day job is in Czech-TV.

Janne Elkki / Still pictures & Editing:

Janne Elkki is a multitalented person from Rovaniemi. Janne has been taking still pictures, assisting camera and editing projects for us since 2006.

Jonna Pietilä:

Jonna has been working for us from 2004. She has been developing our marketing and sales. At the moment Jonna helps us creating videoproducts related to dog sports.

Jani Johansén:

Jani is one of the founding members of Lapland Memories and has been working with us since 2004. At the moment Jani works with us as a devoted freelancer through his company Forest Camp Entertainment. Jani is specialized in editing.